Update to User Search Behaviour (TFS 19530)

As part of release 20.0 (Scheduled for deployment on Saturday the 7th November 2015), TFS 19530 will be implemented.  This work item will change how name matching is performed as part of user searches.

For the purposes of the examples below, imagine that there are three accounts within NHS ePortfolios – to which the administrator has appropriate permissions – with the following names:

  1. Joshua Falken
  2. Joshua Stephen Falken
  3. Stephen Joshua Falken

Current Search Behaviour

At present, an administrator that performs a search for a user using the search term “Joshua Falken” in the name field would see in the results list, the users named “Joshua Falken” or “Stephen Joshua Falken”. They would not, however, see “Joshua Stephen Falken”.  This is because the search facility is currently looking to find the whole search term together within the name.

New Search Behaviour

Following the deployment of TFS 19530, an administrator performing the same search  for “Joshua Falken” will see all three of the accounts listed in the search results – the order in which words within the search term appear, and whether they are adjacent, is no longer of relevanc

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