Who makes decisions about ePortfolio?

ePortfolio’s growth since 2005 has been a collaborative effort between a wide range of organisations and professions. Ongoing feedback has suggested that many users would appreciate clarification on where the responsibilities lie for ePortfolio.

Broadly, all content and how and when it is presented to you is determined by your Organisation (e.g. Medical School, UKFPO, Royal College, Professional Group, Postgraduate Deanery). Some organisations collaborate formally to agree what is available, so that there is a standardised approach across distributed groups or geographies e.g. Postgraduate Deaneries, Foundation Schools and Medical Schools. NHS ePortfolio provides the ePortfolio software i.e. the code that underpins the website, and the secure storage of the data.


What is your Organisation responsible for?


Category Examples
Content and format of all assessments


DOPS, miniCEX, CbD, Supervised Learning Events, Core Procedures, MSF TAB
Reflective practice Reflective notes

Categories for reflection

Headings in reflection forms

Curriculum Length, content & structure of the Curriculum

Whether you are required to link certain items

Timelines & frequencies How many assessments are required during each placement

Any minimum requirements eg every SLE/assessment must be linked to n curriculum items

Supervision & progress Who can complete supervisor reports

Content & structure of supervisor reports

ARCP process & documentation

Permissions Which ePortfolio roles have read & write access to your data within the ePortfolio, and for how long
Declarations & agreements Health & probity declarations; educational agreements
Courses & alerts Adverts and alerts for events or deadlines
Data entry Adding and updating user information
Data exchange Links to and from any other systems eg College database, exams, e-Learning for Healthcare
Non-technical user support Password reset, form editing/moving, information
Change requests Timing, frequency and funding of changes to content
User acceptance testing Final approval of any changes or modifications requested by the organisation
Engagement with users To determine the requirements and priorities
Training and user guides


Face to face, written, video and/or audio guidance and/or training on how to use the ePortfolio system.
Communication Dissemination of information about content and processes (including changes) to trainees, supervisors and administrators


What is NHS ePortfolio responsible for?


Software code
QA and technical testing against requirements specified by your organisation
Deployment (scheduling & uploading of code from test to live environment)
Monitoring the infrastructure (eg environmental monitoring, network monitoring, load balancing monitoring, web server and data base monitoring, firewall monitoring and intrusion detection) to detect and correct abnormalities.
Database backup & security
Technical support including resolution of bugs
Providing data extracts and reporting from the database as requested by the relevant organisation
Layout of material displayed in the main content area (fonts, graphics, pictures implemented following advice and guidance of organisations)
Engagement with Organisations and users to encourage dialogue and collaboration with the development of the software


What do you do if you have ideas, suggestions or other feedback about any of the above?

If you have feedback about any of the items in the first table above, please contact your organisation. If you are unsure which organisation to contact, your organisation’s logo should be visible on any page of your ePortfolio.

If you have a technical support issue, contact support@nhseportfolios.org

You can follow us on twitter @NESePortfolio

Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at support@nhseportfolios.org