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Overview of changes to the Foundation ePortfolio relating to ARCP 2014


A set of change requests to ePortfolio ARCP processes were requested by the FP Curriculum Delivery Group in December 2013 and then specified early in 2014.

These changes have been developed by the NES ePortfolio team and have been approved for release by the UKFPO. This document sets out the details of those changes for our users.

The change requests were built on requests made by the Foundation School Director’s Committee (19th September 2013) and the Foundation School Manager’s Forum (25th September 2013).

On the 26th of April 2014 the following features were released:

  • New ARCP outcome Forms (F1 and F2).
  • Two new “Supporting evidence” forms (F1 and F2).
  • Updates to the “Review of evidence” summary page (F1 and F2).
  • New “A1FC” certificate form.
  • New “FACD” certificate form.
  • New Roles – FSM, ARCP Chair.
  • Amendments to the Form count report for ARCP reporting

On the 3rd of May the following features were released:

  • New Form Rs.

There are some further ARCP changes yet to be released.  These will be detailed in further communications once the release dates are agreed in conjunction with the UKFPO, but include the following items:

  • Certificate management and release Admin pages.
  • Link between summary of evidence page and attention items.
Download a full description of details (PDF format):
Overview of changes to the Foundation ePortfolio relating to ARCP 2014


Tweet Chat about the App – How do you use it?

On Wednesday 7th May at 7pm (BST) we shall be running our second Twitter Chat (#nhsep) about the NHS ePortfolio mobile app. At least two members of the ePortfolio team will be there to help things along, answer questions and provide any inside knowledge.

We’d really like to know how people use the app in a working environment: do you make use of ticketing, or creating logs, or both? And if you don’t use the app is there a reason why not? Are there any must-have features that are missing?

Feel free to join in with your experiences and opinions, or just follow the conversation from the side lines. Just use the hash tag #nhsep to search and in any tweets.

Some useful links:

The app: https://app.nhseportfolios.org

How to install the App to iOS devices

Some app specific Talkback articles: talkback.nhseportfolios.org/wordpress/?cat=71

The Tweet chat host: twitter.com/nhsep

How to be involved in a Twitter chat? A nice description here: twubs.com/twitter-chats/about

Some useful sites to help you follow and get involved in a Twitter Chat:

Foundation ePortfolio User survey results

In July 2012 an online survey was conducted of all Foundation ePortfolio users at the request of the UKFPO. The survey ran for three weeks and generated 2,425 responses. Although the results were available immediately, the survey coincided with ePortfolio Review and as the information was commercially sensitive the results are only being made widely available now. This paper summarises the most common comments of respondents, but is not a systematic evaluation of the data.

Down the ePortfolio Survey Summary (PDF format)


Minor site update to fix a messaging problem

Issues with the messaging system have been fixed via a site update that did not require site down time:

The issues resolved by this item are:

* When attempting to view a message, the user gets an error page instead of the message.
* When a user is “replying” to a received message, the name of the person they are replying does not appear in the “to” field of the return message.
* When sending a message to multiple recipient types (i.e. TO/CC/BCC), all recipients are marked as the first recipient type available (e.g. a message to 1 x TO and 3 x BCC will end up as 4 x TO)

We are aware of some further issues, which will be addressed in subsequent work items:

* TFS 12722 – EPORTFOLIO – MESSAGING – Error when recipient included in more than one of TO, CC and BCC
* TFS 12723 – EPORTFOLIO – MESSAGING – BCC Recipients not visible on sent messages
* TFS 12724 – EPORTFOLIO – MESSAGING – Default Folders not established during account creation

Logging into the correct ePortfolio page

It has come to our attention that a number of users, instead of clicking a bookmark to the site or typing https://www.nhseportfolios.org into the address bar of their browser, access our site by searching for terms such as “NHS ePortfolio” in search engines such as Google or Bing, and then clicking links in the search results page these sites choose to provide. When navigating to the site in this way, the results page provided by these third party sites can often include links to alternate instances of our main site in which users login credentials do not work, but which look very similar to our main site, causing confusion/frustration to users. We use these sties for supporting the ePortfolio, they are used for training, pre-release testing and many other import processes. (Please note, the search results vary on a per user basis and are not consistent in their content).

This situation arose previously, in May/June 2013, when Google substantially changed the algorithm used to prioritise search results. These alternate sites can be easily identified as they have different addresses (e.g. http://qa.nhseportfolios.org) which will appear in the address bar of the browser when accessing the site and because all but one of the alternate sites now contain the following information message on the homepage: This is not the main NHS ePortfolio site – you may have reached this site by mistake. You are viewing xxx.nhseportfolios.org, were you looking for www.nhseportfolios.org? Whilst the contents of the results pages in the search engines are not controlled by NES, we have contacted the two major global search engines – Google and Bing – to remove links to alternate instances of our site to reduce this possible source of confusion.

We are currently investigating the options available to us to ensure that the non-inclusion of alternative sites is made permanent. In the interim, please ensure that you and your trainees are visiting the main site at the following address: https://www.nhseportfolios.org If you continue to experience login issues, please first confirm that you are visiting https://www.nhseportfolios.org and, if problems persist, please provide a full-screen screen grab where possible to assign with identifying the issue.

Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at support@nhseportfolios.org