Feature Announcements

Updates to display of homepage elements on narrow-screen devices

To improve usability on narrow-screen devices such as mobile phones, the behaviour of homepage tabs and widgets will be modified from Saturday the 21st October 2017.

When viewed on a narrow screen:

1. Homepage tabs will now be collapsed into a drop-down menu which can be expanded by tapping upon the “hamburger” icon at the right hand side.

2. Homepage widgets will be collapsed by default, and can be expanded by tapping on the down arrow icon at the right hand side of the widget header. When expanded, they can be collapsed once again by tapping on the up arrow icon at the right hand side of the widget header.


Example homepage at "normal" width

Fig 1. Example homepage at “normal” width


Example homepage at "narrow" width, collapsed

Fig 2. Example homepage at “narrow” width, collapsed


Example homepage at "narrow" width, expanded

Fig 3. Example homepage at “narrow” width, expanded


Update to allow downloading of entire personal library

As of Saturday 26th August 2017, a new feature has been added to the NHS ePortfolios platform that allows users to download the entire contents of their personal library in a single ZIP archive file.  To utilise this feature, firstly browse to your Personal Library as normal, then click the new “Download your library” button:

Initially, the “Download ZIP archive” button will be disabled (greyed-out) as no ZIP archive will have been created. To schedule the creation of a new downloadable archive of your personal library, please click on the “Create ZIP archive” button:

If  the creation of the ZIP archive is pending (or your personal library contains no files), the “Create ZIP archive” button will be disabled (greyed-out).

Please allow up to 24 hours for the ZIP archive to be created. Once the archive has been created – and is available for you to download – an email message will be sent to the email address registered on your account notifying you of this.

To download a ZIP archive that has been created, browse to your Personal Library as normal, click the “Download your library” button, then click the “Download ZIP archive” button as shown below:


Please note: The ZIP archive will contain any and all files that you have uploaded into your Personal Library, irrespective of which role you were using when the file was uploaded.  The ZIP archive will not, however, contain any other files you may have uploaded elsewhere, e.g. your profile picture, signature image or any Certificates and Exams.


Update to indicate “undeliverable” ticket request email messages

Due to the volume of email messages that are sent as a result of Ticket Requests, the “deliverability” of these email messages is of great importance.  Often, ticket requests are not received by the intended recipient, not because of any technical issue, but simply because the email message to which the ticket was sent was invalid.


To help address this, we have recently introduced a new status flag that is shown beside ticket requests when we have received notification from the destination that the associated email message was not accepted. The new status flag looks like this:UNDELIVERABLE

Should you see this indicator on your ticket overview page, this indicates that the email message was not delivered.  In this situation, first obtain confirmation from the intended recipient of the email address to which the ticket is to be sent.

If the message was undeliverable because the recipients email mailbox was full, you may wish to use the “Send Reminder” option in the Actions menu to send another email message to the same address once they have cleared space in their mailbox.

If the recipient confirms their email address is different from that to which you sent the original message, use the “Copy” option in the Actions menu to send a copy of the undeliverable ticket to a new email address before deleting the original request.



Updates to display of results when searching for users

As part of Release 24.3 deployed on Saturday the 22nd April 2017, the way in which individual results are displayed when searching for users has been slightly updated, as described below.

In line with other features, a new button entitled “Select User” has been added at the far right of each result, replacing the link that was previously formed by the users name.  The tooltip that was previously accessible by hovering over the users name remains accessible, by hovering over the new “Select User” button.

An information icon has been introduced immediately following the users name that when clicked/tapped opens the “user information card”, providing quick access for both mouse and touch screen users to view the users details without fully opening the user account.



Fig 1 - BeforeFig 1: Before

Fig 2 - After

Fig 2: After

Updated Location and Progamme Choosers

Within NHS ePortfolios, there are many occasions where you need to select a location from our “location tree”, e.g. when searching for an individual, or when configuring programmes/posts.

On Saturday the 12th March 2016, Location and Programme choosers were updated to make them quicker and easier to use, particularly on touch screen based devices.

Historically, selecting a location was a two step process.  First, you had to select the top most location in one field, then a second field appeared immediately below which contained the “location tree” itself, from which the location could then be selected:


Both of these elements have now been combined into a single chooser that is applied consistently throughout the site:location-chooser-after

To use the new chooser, simply click or tap in the field, and the chooser will appear, then:

  • To expand the location tree, click upon the triangles to the left of the tree items.
  • To select a location, click the round radio button.
  • To de-select locations, click the “clear” button.


There will be no changes to the locations to which you have permissions as a result of this change.

The new chooser will contain all locations to which you previously had permission – if previously you had two items in the first field, the new chooser will contain two top level items in a single tree via which you can access all the child locations to which you previously had permission.

Programme Chooser

The programme chooser has also been updated and now behaves in the same manner as the location chooser.

Need help?
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