Minor site update to fix a messaging problem

Issues with the messaging system have been fixed via a site update that did not require site down time:

The issues resolved by this item are:

* When attempting to view a message, the user gets an error page instead of the message.
* When a user is “replying” to a received message, the name of the person they are replying does not appear in the “to” field of the return message.
* When sending a message to multiple recipient types (i.e. TO/CC/BCC), all recipients are marked as the first recipient type available (e.g. a message to 1 x TO and 3 x BCC will end up as 4 x TO)

We are aware of some further issues, which will be addressed in subsequent work items:

* TFS 12722 – EPORTFOLIO – MESSAGING – Error when recipient included in more than one of TO, CC and BCC
* TFS 12723 – EPORTFOLIO – MESSAGING – BCC Recipients not visible on sent messages
* TFS 12724 – EPORTFOLIO – MESSAGING – Default Folders not established during account creation

Unscheduled downtime 28th January 2014

At 18:18 on Tuesday the 28th January 2014, a failure of equipment at our hosting provider resulted in the NHS ePortfolio website at http://www.nhseportfolios.org becoming unavailable to all users. Visitors to the site received only an error page (A 502 error) with no indication as to why the site was unavailable or how long it would take to recover.

3 hours and 3 minutes later, at 21:21, access to the site was restored and users were able to successfully login once more. Users of our mobile app in offline mode were able to continue to create ticket requests and reflection forms within the app during this period but were unable to synchronise these with the website until after the site returned at 21:21.

Whilst all users were able to login as of 21:21, some users may have experienced delays in receipt of email messages from the site and would have received error messages onscreen when attempting to access files in their personal library whilst we restored all services. All services were restored to fully operational status by 22:55 and no email messages remain unsent by the time of writing (01:32, Wednesday the 29th January 2014).

During the period of downtime, we were unfortunately unable to post a message at http://www.nhseportfolios.org indicating that the site was offline and to provide an ETA for the resumption of service. We were, however, able to answer requests received from users by email to support@nhseportfolios.org (2 users) and via the @neseportfolio twitter account (7 users).

A full investigation into the failure will be performed in order that we can determine how this situation can be avoided in the future and as part of this, we will investigate options to allow us to provide appropriate user feedback should a similar situation recur.

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