NES ePortfolio 2013: Deploy 13th August 2013

As you are aware, we work closely with the UKFPO each year to implement improvements to the core content of the FP e-portfolio provided by the NES ePortfolio team. This year, the changes relate to improved usability and streamlining the completion of forms on the system – they do not affect the educational structure of the e-portfolio in any way.
We are pleased to confirm that the 2013 e-portfolio core content updates have been completed and have now been through user acceptance testing by colleagues from the UKFPO and foundation schools. The updates have been scheduled for deployment on the evening of 13th August 2013. We are disappointed the changes will not be implemented from the start of the foundation year, but believe it is better to complete final quality checks before releasing the new software in order to minimise any risks to users.
All existing e-portfolio content (as per FP2012) will remain in place to support the incoming FP2013 cohort and all existing users. Forms such as the Initial meeting with Educational Supervisor, Induction meeting with the Clinical Supervisor, PDPs and all other forms used at this time will therefore not be affected and should be used as per the usual FP requirements/framework. Please also be assured that all forms and curriculum items completed before 13th August will not be affected by the updates since the changes this year are more ‘behind the scenes’.

We are confident that the thorough checking and testing processes this year will result in a smooth implementation of the 2013 changes to the foundation e-portfolio.

Update for deployment on Thursday 10th January

The ePortfolio was off-line on Thursday at 10pm for 45 minutes while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This is release 8.4, the highlights of which are detailed below.


•    6853     Sys: FAQ Admin – Items are being orphaned when added to a new site
•    7167     UMeP: tol Undergrad Site With Signoff Report (aka Curriculum)
•    7186     Physician: Admins have “Move Forms” functionality
•    7340     Foundation: Post new version of “Foundation Admin user guide”


•    6934, 7189 Foundation: Specialty list not in A-Z order
•    7221     RCR: Followup to “Access Rights”
•    7262     Dental: enrolments team impacting Dental ePortfolio Advisors
•    7289     Dental: site showing incorrect locked out error message
•    7310     RCOG: Comments not being saved on “OSATS – Fetal measurement, lie and presentation”
•    7285 RCR: “Add new log” button missing in Personal Records section
•    7351 RCR: Incorrect assessments assigned to trainees

Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at support@nhseportfolios.org