Accessing ePortfolio – get to the right log in page

It has come to our attention that a number of users, instead of clicking a bookmark to the site or typing into the address bar of their browser, access our site by searching for terms such as “NHS ePortfolio” in search engines such as Google or Bing, and then clicking links in the search results page these sites choose to provide.

When navigating to the site in this way, the results page provided by these third party sites can often include links to alternate instances of our main site in which users login credentials do not work, but which look very similar to our main site, causing you confusion/frustration.  (Please note, these results vary on a per user basis and are not consistent in their content).

As part of development and testing there exists alternative ePortfolio versions that contain test accounts and test data. If you attempt to log in to one of these alternative sites will find that your user name and password, and your email address, are not recognised.

These alternate sites can be easily identified as they have different addresses which will appear in the address bar of the browser when accessing the site. What you should see is “”.

Whilst the contents of the results pages in the search engines are not controlled by NES, we are contacting the major search engines to remove links to alternate instances of our site to reduce this possible source of confusion.

In the interim, please ensure that you are visiting the main site at the following address:

If  you continue to experience/report login issues, please first confirm that you are visiting and, if problems persist, please contact Support and provide a full screengrab where possible to assign with identifying the issue.

Admin’s guide to Foundation ARCP reviewer set up

As part of the Foundation Programmes ARCP process there is a need for individuals to review trainees’ ePortfolios as ARCP assessors.

A role has been provided on the ePortfolio that will allow these individuals this access. However this role will have to be set up on the ePortfolio system by ePortfolio Administrator before the assessor can see an account.

You need to set up the ARCP reviewer role to be located so that they “see” trainees in the same way as Foundation Administrators have access based on their location. See the diagram below that shows how locations are arranged as a tree – by placing the ARCP Assessor on the correct “location” then you establish which trainees are visible to them.

In the above example, ARCP Reviewer X is assigned to Hospital 1 only and can see on trainees based at that location. ARCP Reviewer Y is assigned to Trust C and thus sees trainees at all hospitals location “under” this location, i.e. Hospital 4 and Hospital 5.

1) The first thing to do is make sure you know the location of the trainee in question. The easiest way to do this is to go to the ‘trainee search’ (Home > Select A Trainee) and type their name into the ‘name’ box.

The search results section should include a column called ‘Location’. This is the location that the ARCP assessor must be at or above on the location tree.

2) Next you need to locate the ARCP assessor on the system. The best place to start is the ‘Search Users’ function on the ‘Administer Users’ page (Home > ePortfolio Admin > Users).

2a) Start by searching ‘within your location’. This means searching all the users who are set at the same place as you are. Start you search by typing a name, email, GMC etc into the search fields.

In the example above I have found the user I was looking for. But if you don’t find your user, they may not share a location with you.

2b) Search for the user ‘outside your location’. This will pick up users on the same site as you, but outside your jurisdiction or for users whose accounts are on other sites (e.g. they could be a ‘Foundation Educational Supervisor’)

Perform the search again, but this time select ‘-All Locations-‘ from the dropdown box in the ‘Location’ area.


If you still do not find the user, they probably are not on the system you will need to go to step 4) – see below.

2c) Once you have located your user, select them by clicking on their name (this will be blue and underlined) on the search results.

3) Setting up the user’s ARCP assessor role

Once you have selected a user you should see a page like the following:

To examine what roles they currently have, click the grey ‘Admin Roles’ button on the left hand side.  This should take you to a list of their current roles

To enable a new assessor role, click the ‘Add new role’ button

3a) Select the role you wish to add (probably ‘Foundation ARCP Assessor’)

Then, select the location the Assessor needs from the tree.  An assessor will have to be at the same level or above that of the trainee they want to see.  If an assessor needs to see multiple trainees, then put them high enough up the tree so they can see them all.

Click ‘add role’ to finish the process.

The assessor will then be able to access the ePortfolios of all trainees at that location for review.

4) If the user is not on the system you will need to create them an account with an ARCP assessor role using the ‘add new’ user function on the ‘Administer Users’ page

Fill in the new user’s details and then select the ‘ARCP assessor role’ and a suitable location, this is similar to step 3a as detailed above.

The new user’s details will then be emailed to them automatically.

5) Signing: The NHS ePortfolio is designed to allow the FTPD to create the F1/F2 ARCP outcome form. This functionality exists to limit/avoid any confusion as to the official, agreed ARCP review outcome. If for any reason, the FTPD has assigned a deputy a trust/LEP ePortfolio administrator can create the outcome form.

It is possible for a Foundation Administrator to generate, fill and save the form.  However a user with a FTPD role would still need to log in to sign that form after the admin had saved it.  Admins can’t sign it themselves

6) Once the ARCP review has been conducted you will need to remove access by deleting or removing the ARCP assessor role from the user.  A ‘safe’ location to move the role to would be one with no trainees in, maybe an ‘abroad’ location.  Remember you can search for trainees at a given location on the ‘Trainee Search’ page.

Removing the ARCP assessor role is important as otherwise the user may be able to view the portfolios of trainees that they don’t need to.

To delete a role select a user as detailed above, return to the ‘Admin Roles’ page again and view the user’s roles.  There will be an option to ‘edit’ or ‘delete’ the roles present which will allow you to change a location or remove the role.

Please note: If a user only has one role, you will not be able to delete it.  You can move the role to a location with no trainees if you need to restrict access


Links to eLearning for Healthcare for Foundation Trainees

Foundation trainees are now able to view their e-Learning for Healthcare (eLfH) module activity from within their ePortfolio account by clicking on the new e-Learning menu link. Note that at the present time only Foundation module completions will be reported in your ePortfolio.

e-Learning menu link

e-Learning: new menu link (click image to see full size)

In order to be able to do this it is necessary to link your ePortfolio account to your eLfH account. To do this, first go to e-Learning where you will see a link that allows you to verify your eLfH account

Link to eLfH

Request to authenticate you eLfH account

You will be taken to the eLfH web site where you are asked to enter your eLfH username and password

eLfH authenication page

Once verified you will see information about your eLfH activities listed, indicating module title, status, completion times and significantly, you will have the opportunity to link modules as evidence to areas of your ePortfolio such as your curriculum.

Listing of eLfH completed modules

Listing of eLfH modules (click image to see full size)