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Twitter Chat about the App #nhsep

Updated to include a Storify summary of the Twitter Chat event about the ePortfolio app that occurred on Wednesday 9th April (below).
Thank you to all those who were involved.

We plan to have more #nhsep Twitter Chat events over the coming weeks so please look out for announcements via our Twitter feed @NHSePortfolios and @nhsep

Original notification of the Twitter chat

On Wednesday 9th April, at 7pm (BST) we shall be running a 30 minute Twitter Chat (#nhsep) about the NHS ePortfolio mobile app. At least two members of the ePortfolio team will be there to help things along, answer questions and provide any inside knowledge.

Some topics to cover:

  • How do people use it
  • Which features are good or bad
  • Which features are missing
  • What is the future for the app compared to the main site

Feel free to join in with your experiences and opinions, or just follow the conversation from the side lines. Just use the hash tag #nhsep to search and in any tweets.

Some useful links:

The app:

Some app specific Talkback articles:

The Tweet chat host:

How to be involved in a Twitter chat? A nice description here:

Some useful sites to help you follow and get involved in a Twitter Chat:

A Tweet chat about the ePortfolio app #nhsep – the first such event organised by the NHS ePortfolio team, with more to follow over the coming weeks.


How to install the ePortfolio App on an iPhone

The NHS ePortfolio App is an HTML5 web application.  This approach has been taken primarily to ensure that the application can be made available on the widest range of devices possible.


This document outlines the steps to be followed to add an icon to the home screen of Apple’s iPhone devices running IOS5, iOS6 or iOS7 as would happen if the app was available for “installation” from the Apple App Store.  Please note – screenshots may not exactly match your device.


Step 1

Firstly, tap the Safari icon on your iPhone to open the Safari web browser and navigate to the website  You will be presented with a login page as shown below:



iOS 5

iOS 6

iOS 7


Step 2

Once on the login page, tap the button in the centre of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to open the actions menu:



iOS 5

iOS 6

iOS 7


Step 3

Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button, you will then be presented with the ability to change the title of the new icon you are going to add to your home screen – we recommend you leave this as “ePortfolio” and tap “Add” in the top right.



iOS 5

iOS 6

iOS 7


Step 4

You should now have an icon on your home screen that you can tap to use or tap and hold to move around like other apps from the App Store:



iOS 5

iOS 6

iOS 7


Step 5

Tap the ePortfolio icon to launch the ePortfolio app.  You will be prompted to login and confirm you are not using a public (shared) device.  Please login using the same username/password credentials you use for the main ePortfolio website.

New NHS ePortfolio App

For a number of months now we at ePortfolio have been hearing from our users that the one thing that would make really make a difference in using the ePortfolio for them would be a mobile App.

The ePortfolio team are happy to announce that we have been developing an App and the first version is now available in a ‘beta’ (testing) format.

To install the App use you device’s web browser to go to where you can set up a short cut on your device. How to achieve this will depend on whether you are using iOS (i.e. iPhone or iPad), Windows or Android operating systems.

The first release of App functionality is built around our ticketing facility and will allow ePortfolio trainees to use a HTML5 compatible mobile device to connect to their ePortfolio account and:
– Raise new ticket requests
– Review existing tickets
– Delete unneeded tickets
– Send ticket reminders

We know that getting internet access in many hospitals and other NHS buildings can be difficult at best and downright impossible at worst so crucially the App will work even if you are not currently connected to the internet via an offline/online sync function.

The ticketing function is just the first of many that we will be releasing.  We are currently working on developing the ability for reflection forms to be available on the App and have lots of plans for additional functionality after that.

If you wish to help us by testing the current beta release version of the App you can access in the first instance by visiting the following URL on your mobile device:

Please try to access and use the App for a few days or weeks and then let us know how you get on with it.

We have written a feedback form that can be accessed at the following web addresses:
. Please use this to return any feedback.

If you have any problems using the App please send support requests to rather than use our regular support channels.  Please do not contact your College, Deanery, Medical School, or Professional group in regards to the App.

The App, and the API that supports it, have been developed by the ePortfolio team in response to our user’s feedback.  This project is not currently being funded by any of our customer groups, but we hope to work with them in the future to improve our service to our users.