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How to get NHS ePortfolios changed

Sometimes users of the NHS ePortfolios website have ideas about how the system can be improved or amended.  However the NHS ePortfolios Technical Team has very limited remit to make direct change.  Instead most change requests have to come from the “commissioning bodies” that define what content should be in an ePortfolio and how it should function.

For details of what content is and isn’t controlled by the NHS ePortfolios team please see “Who makes decisions about ePortfolio?“.

Change requests by Site:


For the Foundation ePortfolio there are two main bodies that can request change requests:

1) The first of these is the UKFPO Curriculum Delivery Group.  This group has the authority to make change requests pertaining to “Core Content” for the Foundation ePortfolio.

For Terms of Reference for this group see the following document:


2) The second Group is the NHS ePortfolios Foundation Team Advisory Group (TAG). This group meets twice a year and should include representation from every UK Foundation School.

This group has the remit to make change requests that are not relevant to national core content and/or functionality.  Each Foundation School/Deanery/LETB has one contact as follows:

Foundation School ePortfolio contacts:

Foundation School/LETB/Deanery Contact
East Midlands -details currently not supplied-
East of England -details currently not supplied-
STFS eportfolio@stfs.org.uk
North West Thames feo-nwtfs@imperial.ac.uk
North Central Thames nctfs@ucl.ac.uk
North East Thames netfs@qmul.ac.uk
Mersey Liz.morrissey@nw.hee.nhs.uk
Northern foundationprogramme@ne.hee.nhs.uk
Northern Ireland -details currently not supplied-
Oxford foundation@thamesvalley.hee.nhs.uk
Peninsula Trudi.Geach@southwest.hee.nhs.uk
Scotland Jill.murray@nes.scot.nhs.uk
Wales -details currently not supplied-
Wessex Wessexfs.enquires@wessex.hee.nhs.uk
West Midlands Foundation@wm.hee.nhs.uk
Yorkshire and Humber foundation@yh.hee.nhs.uk

Where the contact is noted as “details currently not supplied” this means that the NHS ePortfolios team has not been supplied the details of the nominated contact for change requests for that area. We suggest you contact the organisation directly.

Any suggestions that you have for changes to the content or functionality should be directed to these two bodies.  As the Foundation schools feed into both these bodies, contacting them is generally the best place to start.

NHS ePortfolio Help Centre: a new way to get help

We are pleased to announce that there is now an alternative means of getting help on the ePortfolio in the form of a searchable support area, the NHS ePortfolio Help Centre.

This is located at http://nhseportfolios.zendesk.com 

During June 2014 the FAQ within the ePortfolio is to be removed and users encouraged to use the Help Centre to find answers to common questions. Over time we will continue to add articles, particularly based on common questions that are being received by the Technical Support team and by ePortfolio site leads (such as Foundation schools and the colleges).

In addition to being able to search on keywords you can also browse categories based on ePortfolio roles and sites.

NHS ePortfolio Help Centre

YouTube Channel

We will also posting guidance videos on to our YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/nhsep  where we will be adding short video guides that are often embedded into Help Centre articles.

Tweet Chat: How can we improve your ePortfolio?

June 18th 2014, 7 – 8pm (BST) #nhsep

The Storify of this Chat:

The third NHS ePortfolio Tweet Chat event looking to get some user feedback on what is missing, and what could be improved (or removed).


Your chance to get those ideas off your chest. What is it that could be improved about the way the NHS ePortfolio works and how you’d like it to work?

What we would really like to hear about are things that you find confusing or counter intuitive, slow you down, or just annoy you.

We’d also like to hear about what you think is missing from the ePortfolio, features that would help you on a day-to-day basis and as part of your training. If you are a supervisor or trainer are there areas that could improve you ability to interact with and supervise your trainees?

If you have performed external assessments for ePortfolio trainees are there any features of this process that could be improved?

Some things to bear in mind:
* We don’t have any say of the design of forms, curricula, or the structure of training programmes. These are determined by numerous bodies and passed to us as requirements. Who makes decisions about ePortfolio?
* We know that there are on going issues of performance due to very heavy site usage (NHS ePortfolio Speed)

We will be holding a tweet chat on June 18th at 7pm using #nhsep hash tag.

Some useful links:

The Tweet chat host @nhsep: twitter.com/nhsep

How to be involved in a Twitter chat? A nice description here: twubs.com/twitter-chats/about

Some useful sites to help you follow and get involved in a Twitter Chat:


Overview of changes to the Foundation ePortfolio relating to ARCP 2014


A set of change requests to ePortfolio ARCP processes were requested by the FP Curriculum Delivery Group in December 2013 and then specified early in 2014.

These changes have been developed by the NES ePortfolio team and have been approved for release by the UKFPO. This document sets out the details of those changes for our users.

The change requests were built on requests made by the Foundation School Director’s Committee (19th September 2013) and the Foundation School Manager’s Forum (25th September 2013).

On the 26th of April 2014 the following features were released:

  • New ARCP outcome Forms (F1 and F2).
  • Two new “Supporting evidence” forms (F1 and F2).
  • Updates to the “Review of evidence” summary page (F1 and F2).
  • New “A1FC” certificate form.
  • New “FACD” certificate form.
  • New Roles – FSM, ARCP Chair.
  • Amendments to the Form count report for ARCP reporting

On the 3rd of May the following features were released:

  • New Form Rs.

There are some further ARCP changes yet to be released.  These will be detailed in further communications once the release dates are agreed in conjunction with the UKFPO, but include the following items:

  • Certificate management and release Admin pages.
  • Link between summary of evidence page and attention items.
Download a full description of details (PDF format):
Overview of changes to the Foundation ePortfolio relating to ARCP 2014


Foundation ePortfolio User survey results

In July 2012 an online survey was conducted of all Foundation ePortfolio users at the request of the UKFPO. The survey ran for three weeks and generated 2,425 responses. Although the results were available immediately, the survey coincided with ePortfolio Review and as the information was commercially sensitive the results are only being made widely available now. This paper summarises the most common comments of respondents, but is not a systematic evaluation of the data.

Down the ePortfolio Survey Summary (PDF format)


Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at support@nhseportfolios.org