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Feedback from ePortfolio users

Following our year end user group meetings last month (announced here on 19th October) we have collated our feedback into this document.   We have circulated this to out version leads for future discussion.  We will be looking to act on this feedback in the near future in conjunction with the commissioners of the various ePortfolio versions.   We will post updates on this process on this blog in the future

Download the YEUG2012 collation document (PDF format)

Update for deployment on Thursday 20th December

The ePortfolio was off-line on Thursday at 10.15pm for 30 minutes while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This is release 8.3, the highlights of which are detailed below.

NES Id Type Description
6341 Foundation: Emailed Messages alert text now contains the message’s content
6441 Fix Foundation: Supervisor can create Supervisor Report for old posts
6568 Fix Foundation: Educational Supervisors Report permissions corrected
6681 Fix Pharmacy: Additional Action Plan now has correct breadcrumb links
6918 Fix Foundation: Clinical supervisor unable to complete supervisors report
7069 Foundation: Times on courses/seminars to indicate AM or PM
7170 Fix Physician: Wording disappearing from the Pharmaceutical Medicine appraisal form
7185 Fix Foundation: e-LfH data import now working

Update for deployment on Thursday 13th December

The ePortfolio was off-line on Thursday at 10pm for 45 minutes while we deployed updates and perform routine maintenance. This is release 8.2, the highlights of which are detailed below.


NES Id Description Site
6758 Dental – Phase VII Additional Training Form Specifications ePortfolioDental
6727 Dental – PAQ Summary of Performance Form ePortfolioDental
5421 TAB comment display update (TAG CR118) ePortfolioFoundation
4922 Add supervisor signature ability ePortfolioRCR
4916 Year of specialty training autofill in relevant assessment forms ePortfolioRCR
4912 Clinical Supervisor: Initial/Induction Appraisal autofill addition ePortfolioRCR
4905 Educational Supervisor: Annual Induction Appraisal autofill addition ePortfolioRCR
4900 Access Rights link removed ePortfolioRCR
4896 Supervisors Report autofill addition ePortfolioRCR
4891 Clinical Supervisor: Initial/Induction Appraisal autofill addition ePortfolioRCR
4881 Allow comments in multi source feedback MSF ePortfolioRCR
4880 Audit Assessment form update on assessor role question ePortfolioRCR
4878 Post Specialties capture on new post creation administration ePortfolioRCR
4877 Year 6 added to all CR Assessments ePortfolioRCR
3354 RCR: Trainee comments in WpBAs ePortfolioRCR
2109 Clinical Supervisor Appraisal Update ePortfolioRCR


Update for deployment on Saturday 8th December

The ePortfolio will off-line on Saturday at 7am for about 30 minutes while we deploy updates and perform routine maintenance. This is release 8.1, the highlights of which are detailed below.

NES Id Type Description Site
6941 Allow Physician Administrators To Enrol User Twice In Same User Training Programme ePortfolioPhysician
6246 Fix CEM – Remove reference to account merge ePortfolioCEM
6775 Fix CEM – Update form showing as ARCP final to be ‘retired’ so new ones can’t be generated. ePortfolioCEM
5398 CEM – Absences ePortfolioCEM
6524 Dental – PAQ page specifications – Phase III – PAQ Summary Report ePortfolioDental
6849 Fix Dental – Update dates displayed on Alerts to due dates and not entered dates – followup ePortfolioDental
6523 Dental PAQ Specifications – Phase II – PAQ Data Upload ePortfolioDental
6778 Fix Do not allow overlapping post dates within a training programme [EPX044178] ePortfolioFoundation
6938 Fix Edit User Training Programmes correction For Physicians ePortfolioPhysician
7085 ePortfolio – Change SMTP configuration ePortfolio|System
7096 Foundation: Clinical supervisors end of placement review form – allow educational supervisor and FDP to also sign ePortfolioFoundation
6992 Fix FSRH – New roles adding a trainer /course convenor ePortfolioFSRH
6988 Malta GP Initial Build ePortfolioMalta GP
6851 Fix Nurse Mentor CPD: No PDP create button ePortfolioNurse Mentor
6670 Physician – Pharm Med assessment forms save as draft ePortfolioPhysician
6763 Fix RCOG – Dynamic forms external assessor keep records ePortfolioRCOG
6895 Fix RCOG – Educational Agreements Issue ePortfolioRCOG
6886 Fix RCOG – Reordering of roles on “Supervisor” drop-down list ePortfolioRCOG
6976 Fix RCPI: Log Book: Programme specific view of forms by admins ePortfolioRCPI
6935 Fix RCR – Add the grade of SAS Doctor to the grade list available when adding a new post for a trainee ePortfolioRCR
7095 Fix Ticket Assessor permissions missing from Additional Achievements ePortfolioUndergraduate
7097 Twitter Feed is broken ePortfolioSystem
6804 Fix UMeP ticketed “Procedure” form throws an error ePortfolioUndergraduate
6731 Undergrad – Add Keele to site replicating UCL forms ePortfolioUndergraduate
6962 Fix Undergraduate – Re Add Form for Bristol ePortfolioUndergraduate:BSMS
6715 Fix Undergraduate – remove option of CNR completely from UCL UmeP ePortfolioUndergraduate:UCL
6982 Fix Educational supervisor Overall rating ePortfolioFoundation
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