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New NHS ePortfolio App

For a number of months now we at ePortfolio have been hearing from our users that the one thing that would make really make a difference in using the ePortfolio for them would be a mobile App.

The ePortfolio team are happy to announce that we have been developing an App and the first version is now available in a ‘beta’ (testing) format.

To install the App use you device’s web browser to go to where you can set up a short cut on your device. How to achieve this will depend on whether you are using iOS (i.e. iPhone or iPad), Windows or Android operating systems.

The first release of App functionality is built around our ticketing facility and will allow ePortfolio trainees to use a HTML5 compatible mobile device to connect to their ePortfolio account and:
– Raise new ticket requests
– Review existing tickets
– Delete unneeded tickets
– Send ticket reminders

We know that getting internet access in many hospitals and other NHS buildings can be difficult at best and downright impossible at worst so crucially the App will work even if you are not currently connected to the internet via an offline/online sync function.

The ticketing function is just the first of many that we will be releasing.  We are currently working on developing the ability for reflection forms to be available on the App and have lots of plans for additional functionality after that.

If you wish to help us by testing the current beta release version of the App you can access in the first instance by visiting the following URL on your mobile device:

Please try to access and use the App for a few days or weeks and then let us know how you get on with it.

We have written a feedback form that can be accessed at the following web addresses:
. Please use this to return any feedback.

If you have any problems using the App please send support requests to rather than use our regular support channels.  Please do not contact your College, Deanery, Medical School, or Professional group in regards to the App.

The App, and the API that supports it, have been developed by the ePortfolio team in response to our user’s feedback.  This project is not currently being funded by any of our customer groups, but we hope to work with them in the future to improve our service to our users.

Update for deployment on Tuesday 26th February

The ePortfolio was updated on Tuesday at 10pm and was off-line for 30 minutes while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This was release 9.0, the highlights of which are detailed below:

Updates included in this build are:

· 7136 – FOUNDATION: Administrators when Moving Posts, post dates should not overlap within a training programme
· 7256 – DENTAL: New ‘Dental Regional administrator’ role

Fixes included in this build are:

· 7071 – PHYSICIAN: Delete duplicate programme
· 7210 – PHYSICIAN: Exams – Change hover-over text
· 7471 – UMeP: Site has no Certificate Types
· 7472 – UMeP: Text correction to taster form to refer to ‘Student’
· 7499 – PHYSICIAN: Disable trainees’ ability to add themselves to a curriculum

Update for deployment on Tuesday 19th February

The ePortfolio was updated on Tuesday at 10pm and was off-line for 13 minutes while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This was release 8.9, the highlights of which are detailed below:

Updates include
· 7242 – All: Admin – Take warehouse Reports offline
· 7319 – N & M: Photo images
· 6362 – RCOG: Assigned ATSMs to appear under “Curriculum Progress”
· 6807 – N & M: On the log in page is a new subpage: “Who uses ePortfolio”

Fixes include
· 4616 – All: Messaging: added to message multiple times
· 7177 – Foundation: Assessment Report showing incorrect data
· 7374 – Physician: Allow trainee to see the CCT date
· 7436 – Foundation: Curriculum links number

Added as Hotfix on Thursday 20th:
· 7681 – Left Trainee Menus not functioning in IE6/IE7

New features for Supervisors and Programme Directors

In conjunction with improvements to our search functionality for Foundation Administrators (see below) we have also improved the ePortfolio so it is easier for a Foundation Supervisor,  Foundation Programme Director, Dental Trainer or Dental Advisor to review multiple trainee accounts.

1. Select trainee

When a trainee account is viewed via ‘My trainees’ (if you are attached via a post/block) or ‘Programme Trainees’ (if you are attached via a programme/scheme), you can now select a trainee’s page and view it before clicking the new ‘Switch selected user’ button found on the left of the screen.

2. A trainee is selected

This will open a box that will list all the trainee you are attached to via post or programme.   Which trainees you see will depend on the role you are using and how you selected that first trainee.
3. Popup to select a different trainee

If you select a different trainee you can click directly on the name to switch them, or (where you have a long list) you can start to type their name into the text box to get to them more quickly.  You will be taken to the same ePortfolio page, but for that next trainee.
4. A new trainee is selected

If you ever need to refresh the trainees listed just return to your home page and start with a new trainee selection.


Update for deployment on Tuesday 12th February

The ePortfolio was updated on Tuesday at 10pm and was off-line for 35 minutes while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This was release 8.8, the highlights of which are detailed below:


4885 Update RCR: Remove Supervisors option to add ARCP forms
5418 Update Foundation and Dental : Finding and Selecting Trainees Upgrade : for more details see this description
6618 Fix Messaging not returning correct programme numbers
7004 Update Physician: add a pass/fail box and explanatory text to the bottom of all AoP forms (part of the WPBA pilot)
7068 Fix GMC Validation Message Text correction
7240 Update Dental: Disallow new LEP forms to be saved into ended posts.
7254 Update Dental: New ‘Dental Dean’ Role
7280 Fix Sys: Intake Management search error
7403 Fix Incorrect warning when logging in that GMC Number is already in use
7500 Update Dental: LEP reporting – LEP year to date summary
7616 Update Sys: Re-enable Google Analytics
7617 Update Sys: Implement Summary Report Database Switch
Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at