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Update for deployment on Tuesday 5th November

The ePortfolio is scheduled for updates and routine maintenance on Tuesday 5th November at 10pm, and may be offline for up to 60 minutes.

This is release 12.0, the highlights of which are detailed below.

Update items included in this build are:

• 5274 – NM CLP – Feedback form others form Text changes
• 8565 – FICM – Move curriculum from QA to Live site
• 8616 – NM Mentor and NM CLP – Add new “Custom Reflection2 form
• 8767 – MALTA GP – Interim review form update
* 8970 – FICM Build – Phase 3 of 3
* 7017 – FICM – Items uploaded into personal library need to be available under Assessments
* 8585 – FICM – Assessments
* 7021 – FICM – FICM Certificates & Exams
* 7022 – FICM – ESSR (Educational Supervisors Structured Report)
* 9700 – FICM – ALMAT form
* 9797 – FICM – Traffic lights on Curriculum
* 9059 – PHARMACY – VT – Update Case study log form
* 9063 – PHARMACY – VT – Update “Declaration of own work form”
* 9074 – RCPCH – Induction and Supervision Form
* 9076 – RCPCH – Trainer’s Report (Research / Academic)
* 9077 – RCPCH – Annual Academic Appraisal Review
* 9183 – PHARMACY – “Medicines Information Activity and Reflections Log” form – small reformat
* 9782 – DENTAL – LEP Needs Improvement Summary viewing for dental trainees (and others)
* 9783 – DENTAL – LEP further feedback viewing for dental trainees

Fixes included in this build are:
* 9858 – DENTAL – User Uploader – Successful import count incorrect
* 10159 – Nurse Mentor – Popup to anonymise user data, pops up even in read mode
* 10222 – EPORTFOLIO – Fix popups in the compentency pages to fit within the width of the pop-up in IE
* 10323 – DENTAL – Navigation url fails for two submenus items of Evidence Forms Menu.
* 10368 – FOUNDATION – Display issue with non-ticketed forms on Tab Summary Page
* 10451 – CEM – CEM Deanery Admin & CEM Admin access changes
* 10563 – EPORTFOLIO – A saved form fails when its DefaultFormId used to point to a dynamic form but now points to a custom control
* 10580 – FOUNDATION – TAB Summary form does not allow selection of all necessary TAB forms
* 10583 – RCOG – RCOG Trainee permissions to view TO1 forms
* 10603 – RCPI PCS – Reviewer role bug


How to install the ePortfolio App on an iPhone

The NHS ePortfolio App is an HTML5 web application.  This approach has been taken primarily to ensure that the application can be made available on the widest range of devices possible.


This document outlines the steps to be followed to add an icon to the home screen of Apple’s iPhone devices running IOS5, iOS6 or iOS7 as would happen if the app was available for “installation” from the Apple App Store.  Please note – screenshots may not exactly match your device.


Step 1

Firstly, tap the Safari icon on your iPhone to open the Safari web browser and navigate to the website  You will be presented with a login page as shown below:



iOS 5

iOS 6

iOS 7


Step 2

Once on the login page, tap the button in the centre of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to open the actions menu:



iOS 5

iOS 6

iOS 7


Step 3

Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button, you will then be presented with the ability to change the title of the new icon you are going to add to your home screen – we recommend you leave this as “ePortfolio” and tap “Add” in the top right.



iOS 5

iOS 6

iOS 7


Step 4

You should now have an icon on your home screen that you can tap to use or tap and hold to move around like other apps from the App Store:



iOS 5

iOS 6

iOS 7


Step 5

Tap the ePortfolio icon to launch the ePortfolio app.  You will be prompted to login and confirm you are not using a public (shared) device.  Please login using the same username/password credentials you use for the main ePortfolio website.

UK-wide specialty selection test pilot for ST1/CT1

A Specialty Selection Test is going to be piloted from 13-25 January 2014 for ST1/CT1 applicants, across most specialties. This test will include a Clinical Problem Solving (CPS) test and a Situational Judgement Test (SJT).
Health Education England is working with the devolved nations, Work Psychology group and academics in the University College of London Medical School to pilot the SST. The purpose of this pilot is to evaluate and improve the selection processes currently used. We will also continue to follow applicant progression for a number of years, to ensure a long-term robust evaluation. Ultimately, we want to assess whether these tests are a good predictor of a doctor’s performance throughout their training and to ensure the selection process is reliable, valid, fair and cost-effective.
We are seeking doctors’ help to participate and provide feedback about the pilot test. By participating you will be able to provide your views on this selection method, you will receive a certificate for your portfolio and you will also be eligible to win one of five prizes, which include a 32GB iPad or Kindle Fire HD.
Further information about the SST can be found on the specialty training website ( or you can email us directly at

How do I reduce file size for Personal Library uploads?

As there is a limit to the storage space on the Personal Library it is a good idea where possible to reduce the size of files you need to upload.

For Microsoft Office files there are a number of options which are described in this article: 

For image files the options are described in this article:

Another option is to compress one or more files into a zip file:

Update for deployment on Tuesday 22nd October

The ePortfolio is scheduled for updates and routine maintenance on Tuesday 22nd October at 10pm, and may be offline for up to 60 minutes.

This is release 11.9, the highlights of which are detailed below.

Update items included in this build are:
• 7020 – FICM – Educational Agreement (it’s like a PDP) re-scoped
• 8777 – MALTA GP – Trainee no access to eportfolio before educational agreement is signed
• 9105 – EPORTFOLIO – Provide better support for iPads & touchscreen devices
• 9760 – RCOG – Give trainee access to Logbook Output Report
• 9902 – UNDERGRADUATE – NEWCASTLE – new site
• 10009 – FOUNDATION – SCOTLAND – Hide Target timeline for Scottish trainees

Fixes included in this build are:
• 3644 – EPORTFOLIO – Typo – Occurred is spelt wrong on multiple pages
• 6107 – RCPI PCS – Remove The What Would You Link To Link Functionality From FilledForm
• 10154 – FOUNDATION – Filled academic form not displaying
• 10206 – PHYSICIAN – Trainees not able to link PDP to curriculum items
• 10309 – FOUNDATION – Scotland Supervisor Menu Link Broken
• 10319 – RCPI – Trainees incorrectly able to edit their Programme
• 10321 – RCPI PCS – Typo on Administer reviewers page
• 10406 – EPORTFOLIO – Provide Management Admin users with GMC Status overide
• 10444 – EPORTFOLIO – Change FROM address on ticket request emails

Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at