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Unscheduled downtime 28th January 2014

At 18:18 on Tuesday the 28th January 2014, a failure of equipment at our hosting provider resulted in the NHS ePortfolio website at becoming unavailable to all users. Visitors to the site received only an error page (A 502 error) with no indication as to why the site was unavailable or how long it would take to recover.

3 hours and 3 minutes later, at 21:21, access to the site was restored and users were able to successfully login once more. Users of our mobile app in offline mode were able to continue to create ticket requests and reflection forms within the app during this period but were unable to synchronise these with the website until after the site returned at 21:21.

Whilst all users were able to login as of 21:21, some users may have experienced delays in receipt of email messages from the site and would have received error messages onscreen when attempting to access files in their personal library whilst we restored all services. All services were restored to fully operational status by 22:55 and no email messages remain unsent by the time of writing (01:32, Wednesday the 29th January 2014).

During the period of downtime, we were unfortunately unable to post a message at indicating that the site was offline and to provide an ETA for the resumption of service. We were, however, able to answer requests received from users by email to (2 users) and via the @neseportfolio twitter account (7 users).

A full investigation into the failure will be performed in order that we can determine how this situation can be avoided in the future and as part of this, we will investigate options to allow us to provide appropriate user feedback should a similar situation recur.

User Activity for January

Logging in: Your last select role remembered

Following this weekend’s site update (25th January 2014, Release 12.8) you may notice a small change to the logging in process. Trainees and supervisors have often asked if we can simplify the login process by remembering what ‘role’ you had the last time you used the ePortfolio.

If you have more than one ePortfolio role then the next time you log in (after the update) you will see the Select Role page one last time. After this you last used role will be remembered so that the next time you log in you will go straight into that role. Of course you can change role at any time by clicking the Select Role button at the top left of the menu.  When you log out the role being remembered will be the one you last selected.

For trainees who have been in the Foundation ePortfolio and are now routinely using a College ePortfolio this small change will be of particular benefit. If you have both Foundation Clinical and Foundation Educational Supervisor role (with associated trainees) then ensure you are in the correct role following login (and change if necessary).

How logging and selecting a role looks at the moment

How logging and selecting a role looks at the moment (until 25/1/2013) and for the first time you log in after the update

After Saturday (25/1/2014)

After Saturday (25/1/2014) you will go straight to your last used role

Select Role button

Select Role button on the menu lets you change to a different role

For trainees who have been in the Foundation ePortfolio and are now routinely using a college ePortfolio this small change will be of particular benefit.

We are always keen to hear suggestions that would improve your ePortfolio experience so please send us your ideas via Twitter @NESePortfolio or via your College or local user group.


Update for deployment on Saturday 25th January

Below are the items that are to be included in release 12.8, scheduled for deployment on Saturday, the 25th January 2014. During this the site may be offline for up to 60 minutes. (Timing information)

Update items included in this build are:

* 8978 – DENTAL – 2013 #7: DF2 SHO Certificate
* 10282 – UNDERGRADUATE – NEWCASTLE – Formative Professionalism Form
* 10283 – UNDERGRADUATE – NEWCASTLE – Formative Clinical Encounter Form
* 10676 – NM – Update three “supervision of sign off status forms”
* 10792 – EPORTFOLIO – Remember last user role and use it (see associated article)
* 10794 – EPORTFOLIO – Allow Management Admin role users to search for unapproved accounts
* 10803 – EPORTFOLIO – Update “Administer Information” section to target by Role instead of RoleType
* 10835 – EPORTFOLIO – Remove various redundant functionality that are no longer needed
* 11297 – RCPCH – Curriculum rating update

Fixes included in this build are:

* 10757 – FICM – changes to ADD POST function
* 11038 – FICM – Field missing from DOPS
* 11229 – RCOG – Revalidation questions prevent additional questions appearing
* 11287 – DENTAL – Form settings showing incorrect permission (follow-up to TFS 9781)
* 11411 – FOUNDATION – TAB Summary Page missing title
* 11418 – EPORTFOLIO – Warning message incorrectly displayed when admins save forms
* 11719 – EPORTFOLIO – Edit Curricula link broken for administrators in left menu
* 11485 – PHYSICIAN – Specialty CSV not updated when “Specialty Other” modified
* 11502 – RCPI – Restore “Logbook Form Analysis Report” menu item
* 11543 – FOUNDATION – TAB Overview page failing when viewing old posts
* 11577 – FOUNDATION – Attention Triangle missing from Select A Trainee page
* 11595 – RCOG – Release TO1 forms not readable by trainees
* 11644 – Dynamic Forms – Design – Picklist Dropdown not unique
* 11650 – RCOG – Ticketing of multiple curriculum items fails

Update for deployment on Saturday 18th January

Below are the items that are to be included in release 12.7, scheduled for deployment on Saturday, the 18th January 2014. During this the site may be offline for up to 60 minutes. (Timing information)

Update items included in this build are:

* 10668 – CEM – Add clinical supervisor role to all users with educational supervisor role
* 10682 – N&M – Change order of available items during PPP output creation
* 10802 – EPORTFOLIO – Upgrade Analyse Forms to work with dynamic forms
* 10836 – EPORTFOLIO – Remove old signature control from formhandler
* 10931 – FOUNDATION – TAG – CR195 – Display Trainees Foundation School in personal details
* 11465 – FOUNDATION – London & KSS – enable reporting tools for Career MOT forms

Fixes included in this build are:

* 9325 – EPORTFOLIO – Personal Library bugs
* 11013 – EPORTFOLIO – Error thrown when renaming folders in Personal Library
* 11171 – FOUNDATION – Unable to open Personal Library files
* 10646 – FOUNDATION – Update “Blank Forms” to show latest (2013) version of forms
* 10752 – RCPI – “Delete This Form Design” not working
* 11097 – RCOG – Establish missed mappings between first section of 2013 and 2007 Curricula
* 11113 – EPORTFOLIO – Selected User is not reset properly in the system
* 11316 – RCR – Admin role should be able to add posts
* 11449 – PHYSICIAN – Administrators unable to create ARCP or Interim Review forms for trainees
* 11461 – RCPI – Retired forms not being listed even when completed forms exist
* 11507 – CEM – Unable to view CEM Summary MSF Paediatric
* 11508 – CEM – Retrospectively apply colour coding
* 11549 – RCOG – Copy Curriculum Progress Data from 2007 to 2013 for a specific user
* 11572 – UMEP – BRISTOL – Colours missing from Signoff Report Ratings
* 11605 – RCPI – Master Training Report filter issue

Update for deployment on Saturday 11th January

Below are the items that are to be included in release 12.6, scheduled for deployment on Saturday, the 11th January 2014. During this the site may be offline for up to 60 minutes.

Update items included in this build are:
8536 – FSRH – Alteration to training programme dates
10837 – EPORTFOLIO – Apply responsive formatting to default pages
11130 – MALTA GP – HDRC Attendance – percent attendance page

Fixes included in this build are:
7396 – PHYSICIAN – Follow up to Incorrect text in Pharmaceutical Medicine Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) form
10608 – DMS – Curriculum helptext contains bad characters in list items
10726 – EPORTFOLIO – Remove tasks panel
10754 – RCR – Assessment descriptions missing
10868 – EPORTFOLIO – Mandatory date fields are not validated in the mobile app
10869 – EPORTFOLIO – Update text on ticket requests page
10886 – FOUNDATION – TAG CR159 Bug: Curriculum RAG – “Overall Ed Sup Rating” has wrong editing permissions
10910 – CEM – Hyperlinks to ARCP forms missing when viewed via Summary Overview
10944 – FOUNDATION – TAG CR198 Typo on “Initial Meeting with Educational Supervisor Form”
11035 – FICM – Absences drop down list is empty
11098 – RCOG – Allow linking from Curriculum items to ATSM forms
11099 – CEM – Error creating links from forms via Summary Overview pag
11161 – FOUNDATION – Ensure FSD role users have the ability to delete F1 & F2 ARCP forms
11234 – NM – Admin/Supervisor unable to switch trainee roles
11270 – FOUNDATION – Error thrown adding new posts to trainees
11348 – EPORTFOLIO – “Back” button at bottom of dynamic form page non-operational in Internet Explorer
11416 – EPORTFOLIO – Prevent Reflective Logs page error when invalid date specified in FilledForm
11419 – FOUNDATION – “Date of Meeting” within Induction Meeting with Clinical Supervisor Form updated on signing
11467 – EPORTFOLIO – Establish necessary DefaultForms2Years entries for 2014

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