Tweet Chat: How can we improve your ePortfolio?

June 18th 2014, 7 – 8pm (BST) #nhsep

The Storify of this Chat:

The third NHS ePortfolio Tweet Chat event looking to get some user feedback on what is missing, and what could be improved (or removed).

Your chance to get those ideas off your chest. What is it that could be improved about the way the NHS ePortfolio works and how you’d like it to work?

What we would really like to hear about are things that you find confusing or counter intuitive, slow you down, or just annoy you.

We’d also like to hear about what you think is missing from the ePortfolio, features that would help you on a day-to-day basis and as part of your training. If you are a supervisor or trainer are there areas that could improve you ability to interact with and supervise your trainees?

If you have performed external assessments for ePortfolio trainees are there any features of this process that could be improved?

Some things to bear in mind:
* We don’t have any say of the design of forms, curricula, or the structure of training programmes. These are determined by numerous bodies and passed to us as requirements. Who makes decisions about ePortfolio?
* We know that there are on going issues of performance due to very heavy site usage (NHS ePortfolio Speed)

We will be holding a tweet chat on June 18th at 7pm using #nhsep hash tag.

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