Update for deployment on Saturday 9th August

Below are the items that are to be included in Release 15.4 scheduled for deployment on Saturday, the 9th August 2014.

Fixes included in this build are:
13529 – RCPI – Names duplicated in Review Invitations email content
13611 – PHYSICIAN – Admin permission to delete End of Attachment Appraisal forms
13635 – PHYSICIAN – Exam Results Report errors on execution
13699 – DMS – SLE page still says Foundation doctor in error
13700 – FOUNDATION – ARCP – FSD not auto-populated on FACD/AF1C certificates
13707 – RCPI & RCPIPCS – Update Quick Links (remove link to Summary Report)
13709 – RCPI – Admin logbook sections are not sorting according to sort order
13794 – FOUNDATION – 2014 – CR05 – New “Account type” field within the personal details page [FOLLOW-UP]
13795 – PHYSICIAN – Error getting post details for Educational Supervisor’s Report (Pilot)
13875 – FICM – Remove “Reflection” menu
13915 – EPORTFOLIO – Self managed forms Pick List editor doesn’t work on IE browser

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