Update for deployment on Saturday 16th August

Below are the items that are to be included in Release 15.5 scheduled for deployment on Saturday, the 16th August 2014.

Ref No. Site Type
9901 UNDERGRADUATE – CARDIFF – New site Update item
10683 NMCL – Show form titles on “Download ePortfolio” page Update item
12554 DENTAL – Updates to exisiting “DF2/ SHO Certificate” form Update item
12868 DENTAL – Create new form DF2 SHO Certificate (Manual) Update item
13483 EPORTFOLIO – Fix javascript loading as part of code cleanup Update item
13487 DENTAL – LEP form – limit “LEP date” entry to three days previous Update item
13489 FOUNDATION – Form R date picker tool needs replaced or removed Fix
13614 EPORTFOLIO – Display Form Group description on dynamic overview pages Update item
13871 EPORTFOLIO – Problem when Management Admin resets a password for a user Fix
13881 EPORTFOLIO – Unable to specify sort order for information items via Admin Information facility Fix
13928 EPORTFOLIO – Unable to delete items within self-managed forms Fix



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