Update for deployment on Saturday 13th September

Below are the items that are to be included in Release 15.9 scheduled for deployment on Saturday, the 13th September 2014.


Update items 
13285 UNDERGRADUATE – UCL – Bulk Account Creation – New users for 2014/2015

14088 FSRH – Users Created Report 13885 EPORTFOLIO – APP – Cosmetic Changes

14107 RCOG – New grades to be added


13648 FOUNDATION – Admin Rotations – Can’t delete existing rotations

13945 EPORTFOLIO – Self Managed Forms – Incorrectly linked labels within per Curricula permissions selection [Follow-up to TFS 13247]

14095 DENTAL – Assessor name not displaying on overview pages for LEPS, DEPS and CBD forms

14157 EPORTFOLIO – Allow spaces in Last Name during New User Create

14174 EPORTFOLIO – AdminPicklist allows non-integer value entry by user [FOLLOW-UP to 12810 and 13821]

14242 EPORTFOLIO – Support Form generates error when completed mid-ticket completion

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