Update to the ePortfolio Summary Report

We’d like to make you aware of a change to the Summary Report which is in plan for the next few weeks.

In a nutshell: You will now get a choice of which Form Group(s) you want to report totals for, rather than reporting against fixed pre-determined Form Categories as at present, improving the detail and flexibility of the report.

Example User Interface Screenshot (click to zoom):


Other than this, please note that the report will retain the same functionality and you will still be able to achieve the same results as you currently do with the report.

Please find below a background document to this change:

Document: Update-2014-09-10 – Forthcoming change to the Summary Report.

If you have any questions about this change please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Below is a recording of a webinar from 17th September giving some background information on this change (10 minutes) – we also plan to make a shorter video on how to use the new style report when it goes live, which is scheduled for a few weeks’ time.

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