Update for deployment on Saturday 27th September 2014

Below are the items that are to be included in Release 16.1 scheduled for deployment on Saturday, the 27th September 2014.

Update items included in this build are:
• 11396 – EPORTFOLIO – Enhancement to the existing Summary Report
• 14315 – EPORTFOLIO – LoggedInUsers

Fixes included in this build are:
• 14313 – EPORTFOLIO – Fix to Intake Management with Null Reference on flag for Supervisor has role in at least one site
• 14316 – EPORTFOLIO – Restore format of data in Title column, removing Date Modified
• 14339 – RCPI PCS – Participant “Status” in Personal details reverts on 2nd edit attempt
• 14391 – FOUNDATION – Creating a Ticketted TAB from the TAB Overview page redirects to incorrect TAB Overview page
• 14400 – RCPI – Error thrown when viewing printable progress report

Need help?
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