How to get NHS ePortfolios changed

Sometimes users of the NHS ePortfolios website have ideas about how the system can be improved or amended.  However the NHS ePortfolios Technical Team has very limited remit to make direct change.  Instead most change requests have to come from the “commissioning bodies” that define what content should be in an ePortfolio and how it should function.

For details of what content is and isn’t controlled by the NHS ePortfolios team please see “Who makes decisions about ePortfolio?“.

Change requests by Site:


For the Foundation ePortfolio there are two main bodies that can request change requests:

1) The first of these is the UKFPO Curriculum Delivery Group.  This group has the authority to make change requests pertaining to “Core Content” for the Foundation ePortfolio.

For Terms of Reference for this group see the following document:

2) The second Group is the NHS ePortfolios Foundation Team Advisory Group (TAG). This group meets twice a year and should include representation from every UK Foundation School.

This group has the remit to make change requests that are not relevant to national core content and/or functionality.  Each Foundation School/Deanery/LETB has one contact as follows:

Foundation School ePortfolio contacts:

Foundation School/LETB/Deanery Contact
East Midlands -details currently not supplied-
East of England -details currently not supplied-
North West Thames
North Central Thames
North East Thames
Northern Ireland -details currently not supplied-
Wales -details currently not supplied-
West Midlands
Yorkshire and Humber

Where the contact is noted as “details currently not supplied” this means that the NHS ePortfolios team has not been supplied the details of the nominated contact for change requests for that area. We suggest you contact the organisation directly.

Any suggestions that you have for changes to the content or functionality should be directed to these two bodies.  As the Foundation schools feed into both these bodies, contacting them is generally the best place to start.

Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at