Improvements to the Personal Library – October 2014

From Saturday 25th October 2014 we are introducing within the NHS ePortfolio Personal Library facility: drag and drop functionality for moving files, and the ability to view/ delete (directly from the Personal Library page) links already made to items.

Overview – The Personal Library is a tool within ePortfolio for uploading and maintaining key documents which act as supporting evidence. A Certificate for instance uploaded to the Personal Library might be supporting evidence for a Curriculum item, or associated with forms which require documentary evidence. It is possible to create folders related to a specific year or subjects, and when you upload a file into your Personal Library you can also add a description to help you later recall its context. Users can opt to keep files private or share them with their Supervisor(s).
Drag and drop file/ folder movement – If you wish to move your files between folders in your Personal Library you can now do this by dragging the file from one folder and dropping it into another one. It is also possible to move folders into other folders in the same manner. There is a short demo video here. Note however that this functionality generally requires the use of a mouse, and is not supported on touchscreen devices.
Directly viewing/ deleting links, and renaming – There will be a series of links at the right of the Personal Library page providing actions possible for each item. By clicking “Links” the user can view the links already made to Personal Library items and, where applicable, delete them if necessary. This avoids the need to search an ePortfolio to find where an item is linked before it can be deleted from the Personal Library, as at present.

Browser support – Please note that the drag and drop feature requires the use of a modern web browser. In particular, this feature is not supported in version 7 or earlier of Internet Explorer.

Development approach – The Personal Library is an item of core functionality and is currently used to manage in excess of three million documents. To support the new interface we have fundamentally changed our underlying architecture to ensure reliability and improve performance.
Need help?
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