Links to eLearning for Healthcare for Foundation Trainees

Foundation trainees are now able to view their e-Learning for Healthcare (eLfH) module activity from within their ePortfolio account by clicking on the new e-Learning menu link. Note that at the present time only Foundation module completions will be reported in your ePortfolio.

e-Learning menu link

e-Learning: new menu link (click image to see full size)

In order to be able to do this it is necessary to link your ePortfolio account to your eLfH account. To do this, first go to e-Learning where you will see a link that allows you to verify your eLfH account

Link to eLfH

Request to authenticate you eLfH account

You will be taken to the eLfH web site where you are asked to enter your eLfH username and password

eLfH authenication page

Once verified you will see information about your eLfH activities listed, indicating module title, status, completion times and significantly, you will have the opportunity to link modules as evidence to areas of your ePortfolio such as your curriculum.

Listing of eLfH completed modules

Listing of eLfH modules (click image to see full size)

Need help?
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