Updates for Saturday 29th September

The ePortfolio is to be off-line on Saturday at 10am for a up to 1 hour while we deploy updates and perform routine maintenance. This will be release 7.2, the highlights of which are detailed below. A documented description of all updates can be found in the Release Notes section of the ePortfolio site.

5404      Updates to CEM procedural log form
6224, 6167      Various updates to Nurse Mentorship and CPD and N and M Life Long ePortfolio sites
6272      Foundation missing curricula information icons on 2012 forms
6387      Dental –  Feedback section set has a limit of 300 characters
6388      Dental –  LEP form: the details of encounter box should contain a maximum of 50 characters. In original spec.
6389      Dental –  Remove “mandatory” requirement for “Date agreed” section of the DEP form, as this date is only required if a Learning Objective is identified as a result of the DEP
6390      Dental – DEPs /CbDs. At present the “sumitted on” date  set to the DEP / CbD submit date
6391      Dental – To submit a LEP/DEP/CbD changed the “save” button changed to say “submit”
6393      Dental – LEP form. Clinical focus field is now mandatory
6397      Physician: update to ACAT form text
6398      Physician: yellow highlighting of the word mandatory removed from all 2012 assessment forms
6578      Administration homepage fix to FAQs link