UKFPO Request for Recommendations to Improve the Foundation e-portfolio


  1. There are two e-portfolio providers for foundation doctors in the UK: NHS Education Scotland (NES) and Horus.
  2. The Foundation Programme Curriculum Delivery Group (UKFPO) is responsible for setting the core content, functionality and security for both e-portfolios.
  3. Working with stakeholders, the e-portfolio is performance reviewed every year. Recommendations to improve the e-portfolio are subsequently made, with changes being deployed on an annual basis (i.e. July/August).

National core content – have your say!

  1. To ensure that e-portfolio core content recommendations for August 2013 are completely user focused, the Curriculum Delivery group are seeking your input.
  2. If you have any improvements relevant to the national core content and functionality of the e-portfolio, now is the time to suggest these.
  3. 6.    Please complete the recommendations form and return to by 31st December 2012.
  4. All core content recommendations will be considered by the FP Curriculum Delivery group in January 2013. The approved changes will be embedded into the July/August 2013 e-portfolio.
  5. Please note that if recommendations are not relevant to national core content (e.g. no changes to actual form content etc.) these cannot be taken forward or managed by the Curriculum Delivery Group. Please see the paragraphs below outlining how these should be managed.


Mechanisms to improve the e-portfolio throughout the year

  1. If your recommendations are not relevant to national core content and/or functionality, there are other means by which you can request changes throughout the year.
  2. The NES ePortfolio has a Team Advisory Group (TAG). This group meets twice a year and should include representation from every UK foundation school.
  3. TAG considers all suggested improvements to the NES ePortfolio which do not impact the national core content or require FP Curriculum Delivery group input.
  4. The next TAG meeting is scheduled for February 2013 and will be held in Northern England (exact date and venue TBC). Participation with this group is strongly encouraged by the UKPO.

[Download as a Word document (including recommendation form)]

Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at