Update for deployment on Tuesday 22nd January

The ePortfolio was off-line on Tuesday at 10pm for 15 minutes while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This is release 8.5, the highlights of which are detailed below.

· 7187 – Physician: Training Programme and Post Overlapping Dates
· 7255 – Dental: New ‘Dental Director’ ‘Assistant Director’ and ‘Associate Dean’ roles
· 7257 – Dental: Change to default display on dental trainee’s weekly log.

· 6761 – Foundation: Admin view of “Supervised Trainees” still slightly incorrect
· 6764 – RCOG: Disable the trainees ability to add themselves to a curriculum
· 7302 – Physician: Incorrect text in  Pharmaceutical Medicine Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) form
· 7329 – Foundation: Paging broken on summary/assessment reports
· 7343 – System: Port number in URL
· 7336 – System: Download Portfolio Fails

Late addendum: fix deployed 23rd January:
· 7440 – Physician: Mini-CEX, CbD and ACAT forms now available to trainees

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