Updated Timeout Behaviour

Much like with other web based services such as online banking, if you do not interact with NHS ePortfolios for an extended period you are automatically logged out to preserve the security of your account.  The amount of time before this occurs is called the “timeout period”.  For NHS ePortfolios, the timeout period is 60 minutes.

Previously, when using a form within NHS ePortfolios, 5 minutes before the timeout period was reached, a small alert window would open, encouraging you to interact to extend the timeout period for a further 60 minutes.

This alert window would not be displayed if the timeout period was reached when viewing other areas of the service such as curricula, messaging, ticketing etc.  Furthermore, the alert window would not be displayed if you had enabled the “Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs” feature in browsers such as Google Chrome (full details on why you would not want to enable that feature can be read here: https://nhseportfolios.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/207560513).

As such, we have entirely re-engineered this functionality to make it more user friendly and this will be implemented as part of Release 21.0, on Saturday the 12th March 2016

As before, a warning message will be displayed 5 minutes before the timeout period is reached, but it will now be displayed irrespective of what area of the service the user was using before they left it unattended.  The new warning message is much more obvious to the user and clearly states it purpose:  Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 09.02.05

The warning message contains a countdown timer and, if you do not interact with the warning message, you will be automatically logged out and directed to a page that confirms that this has occurred:


Need help?
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