Update for deployment on Tuesday 5th February

The ePortfolio was updated on Tuesday at 10pm and was off-line for 35 minutes while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This was release 8.7, the highlights of which are detailed below:

New items included in this build are:

•    5420 – Foundation: display the “clinical problem category” for WBAs in summaries
•    6144 – CEM: Extending PDP Summary page to include additional Columns
•    6311 – Sys: General users import functionality on new solution structure
•    6732 – Physician: Training Programme Migration Admin page
•    7178 – RCPI: Logbook summary overview showing post-specific items
•    7314 – Nurse Mentor: Change of Mentor role titles

Fixes included in this build are:

•    6977 – RCPI: Admin view: Forms summary should list number signed, not number of signatures
•    7046 – Foundation TAB page doesn’t give trainees information on types of assessors
•    7072 – Physician: Add help text for AOPs
•    7181 – Physician: Pharmaceutical Medicine trainees should not have any of the DOPs forms
•    7420 – Dental: Unable to sign off Dental DEPs/CbDs
•    7438 – Physician: Error thrown deleting post
•    7473 – Download Portfolio fails for certain users
•    7474 – Learn: Performance Issues with Learning/Tasklist page

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