ePortfolio User Groups – another chance to be heard!

NHS ePortfolio is holding a user group meeting in Edinburgh 13th May 2013, open to all users of the ePortfolio but with a special interest in hearing from clinical staff.


The open meetings will serve a number of objectives including:
*    Disseminating the future plans for ePortfolio and building them in conjunction with feedback from all users
*    Providing an opportunity for users to speak their minds and share their ideas to improve the system
*    Giving users a chance to meet members of the ePortfolio team (technical, training and managerial) directly and informally
*    Offering a forum for users to present to peers and the ePortfolio team about their experience using the system


To apply please go to the online application form


The following date and venue have been set for the meeting. There is no charge and light refreshments will be provided.

Edinburgh 13th May 201310.30am – 3pm Room 3
Westport 102
West Port, Edinburgh
Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at support@nhseportfolios.org