Improved search functionality for Foundation Administrators

The functionality for searching and selecting trainees has been significantly improved in the most recent update (release 8.8), though currently only available to Foundation and Dental Administrators.

Previous to this update, when an administrator filtered for a set of trainees using the “Search Trainees” page, after selecting a particular trainee they then wished to choose a different trainee from the same list they needed to repeat the search process.

The new functionality will allow the list of trainees to persist so that it is possible to switch between them without having to repeat the search process.In fact this facility also works when using “Administer Posts” and “Administer Users” (so not just trainees)

The steps are shown below:

1. Search for the trainees as normal

1. New Search

2. The search returns a list of trainees

2. Search Results

3. Search Results names

3. Select a trainee to work on. Note the new button on the top left “Switch Selected User”

4. New button

4. Clicking “Switch Selected User” produces a pop up box where up to the first 50 trainees from the search list are shown. You can click directly on the name to switch them, or (where you have a long list) you can start to type their name into the text box to get to them more quickly.

5. Pop up to select a different trainee


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