“No OpenID endpoint found” error creating new link from NHS ePortfolios to e-LfH accounts

UPDATE: 9th November 2016, 8pm.  We have now received notification from e-LfH that the OpenID endpoint has been restored and as such users will once again be able to establish links between their NHS ePortfolios user account and e-LfH user account.

The NHS ePortfolios team are aware that users will presently encounter issues when attempting to establish a new link between an NHS ePortfolios account and an e-LfH user account to enable the exchange of Learning Activity data.

When attempting to establish the links, users are presently witnessing an error message within NHS ePortfolios stating “No OpenID endpoint found”, as shown below:

NHS ePortfolios - No OpenID Endpoint found error.

This issue has arisen following an application upgrade at e-LfH at the end of last week and the e-LfH team are working to resolve this as quickly as they can:

e-LfH OpenID error

If you have already established a link between your NHS ePortfolios account and your e-LfH user account, the ongoing exchange of Learning Activity data will not be affected by this issue.



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