Update for deployment on Tuesday 23rd April

The ePortfolio will be updated on Tuesday at 10pm, going offline for up to 30 minutes while we deploy updates and perform routine maintenance. This is release 9.6, the highlights of which are detailed below:

Updates included in this build are:

    • 5419 FOUNDATION – Change Requests_Feb12 KSS #8 #116 (Allow Delete of Confirmed Certificates)
    • 7279 FSRH – Update to multiple Forms
    • 6440 FOUNDATION – ARCP items that include:
      • 6440 Foundation Education Supervisors End of Year Report form
      • 6252 Foundation Interim ARCP review form (F1/F2)
      • 6253 & 6254 Foundation ARCP Outcome form (F1/F2)
      • 6256 Foundation Attainment of F1 Competence certificae
      • 6257 Foundation FACD review
      • 6259 Foundation Review of Evidence (F1/F2)

Fixes included in this build are:

    • 7008 PHYSICIAN – Pharmaceutical Medicine trainees should not have any of the DOPs forms
    • 7707 EPORTFOLIO – Error Message when deleting empty programmes
    • 7803 RCPCH – Educational Supervisor menu: Title too long for menu item
    • 7819 EPORTFOLIO – Resolve issue with updating forename via personal details
    • 7829 EPORTFOLIO – Admin able to create users without assigning a role
    • 7857 FOUNDATION – Always show the specialty for posts on the trainees’ “Summary Overview” page
    • 8080 PHYSICIAN – Fix validation on Supervisor Report (Pilot) Form
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