Update for deployment on Tuesday 14th May

The ePortfolio will be updated on Tuesday 14th May at 10pm, going offline for about 30 minutes while we deploy updates and perform routine maintenance. This is release 9.9, the highlights of which are detailed below:

Update included in this build are:
· 5220    RCPCH – Clinical Supervisor  Trainer’s Report forms
· 5221    RCPCH – Educational Supervisor  Trainer’s Report forms
· 6605    RCPCH – CSAC progression form displayed in the supervision section
· 7614    PHYSICIAN – Update existing Physician ARCP Form with revalidation questions
· 7695    DENTAL – 4 – Summary page to check all documents signed off for pre-screening/NRP (DVT/LDFT)

Fixes included in this build are:
· 8112    PHYSICIAN – Text amendment required on cCAT form
· 8271    DENTAL Followup MME/ToK certificate bugs
· 8301    RCPCH – Insert text on Supervision page
· 8304    ALL – Administer Post page not showing supervisor details
· 8306    ALL – Investigate and resolve cause of FilledForm locking
· 8316    DENTAL – Correct signature fields on “Test of Knowledge Certificate” and “Medical Emergency Certificate”
· 8321    RCPCH – Move line of text to correct part of ARCP form

Need help?
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