How to use the Foundation ePortfolio “Summary of Evidence for Satisfactory Completion”

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As part of the pages to support the Foundation Annual review of Competence Progression (ARCP) process a number of new features have recently been released onto the ePortfolio. The “Summary of evidence for satisfactory completion” acts as a central portal of ‘quick links’ to relevant evidence in accordance with the core requirements for satisfactory completion of F1 and F2 (Foundation Programme Reference Guide 2012).

This document will detail how this page can be used to support the ARCP review process. This example is form the point of view of a foundation administrator viewing a trainee’s ePortfolio, but the pages work the same if viewed by supervisors, trainees or a programme director.

How to use the summary page

1. Log in or select your trainee as usual.  You should see the trainee home page.

2. Use the menus to navigate to the “Trainee home > Forms > progression ARCP” page

3. Click the “View summary of evidence for satisfactory completion of F1/F2” link.  This can be seen in a box marked “Optional resources to review your e-portfolio evidence.

4. Select “F1” or “F2” to show evidence from either the Foundation trainee’s FY1 year or FY2 year.  The summary page will pull through all data for that training grade.

5. You will see a list of all the sign off requirements for satisfactory completion of the year.   Some of these requirements pertain to evidence that is not held on the ePortfolio, for example the requirement that a trainee Completes 12 months of F1 training without exceeding the maximum allowable leave period. In this case the summary page cannot provide any evidence on this requirement, so the ‘View evidence’ column will remain blank.

6. However if the requirement does pertain to evidence held in the ePortfolio it will be pulled though and summarised in this page.  For example the requirement to have A satisfactory educational supervisor’s end of year report will pull through that report if one is present for the training year.  The page even summarises if on that report the person filling it rated the trainee as ‘Met requirements’ or ‘Did not meet requirements’ to make it quicker to review the evidence.

7. There is also an embedded link to the form in the summary page, so clicking on the ‘magnifying glass icon’ will cause the form to open in a pop-up page so the details can be reviewed immediately.

Need help?
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