Why do we update at 10pm on a Tuesday?

When is the best time to perform site updates and do maintenance that requires the ePortfolio to go offline for up to an hour? The graph below shows the activity of the ePortfolio during a normal 24 hour week day. As you can see the quietest period is between 2 and 4am. So why not do this work then?

24hour Analytics

ePortfolio over a 24 hour period (Wednesday to Thursday)

The problem is that that we haven’t sufficient resources such that we can have highly qualified development staff working a night-shift. Similar issues surround working over weekends. The site may be offline for 30 to 60 minutes but the technical team involved in the work must prepare code and database scripts, then take the site offline to implement the updates, test the updates, and then monitor and run checks immediately after the site has been brought back online.

Another reason to perform updates in the evening is that if we encounter a significant technical issue with an update we have several more hours to bring about a fix before the majority of users come online at 8am.

There is no ideal time to take the site offline but we have to work within the limits of resources and also ensure that we can minimise the risk of downtime affecting normal working hours.

We endeavour to provide as much warning of downtime as we can, and hope to be consistent in when these scheduled updates occur and so allow users to work around our deployment times.


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