Update to indicate “undeliverable” ticket request email messages

Due to the volume of email messages that are sent as a result of Ticket Requests, the “deliverability” of these email messages is of great importance.  Often, ticket requests are not received by the intended recipient, not because of any technical issue, but simply because the email message to which the ticket was sent was invalid.


To help address this, we have recently introduced a new status flag that is shown beside ticket requests when we have received notification from the destination that the associated email message was not accepted. The new status flag looks like this:UNDELIVERABLE

Should you see this indicator on your ticket overview page, this indicates that the email message was not delivered.  In this situation, first obtain confirmation from the intended recipient of the email address to which the ticket is to be sent.

If the message was undeliverable because the recipients email mailbox was full, you may wish to use the “Send Reminder” option in the Actions menu to send another email message to the same address once they have cleared space in their mailbox.

If the recipient confirms their email address is different from that to which you sent the original message, use the “Copy” option in the Actions menu to send a copy of the undeliverable ticket to a new email address before deleting the original request.



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