NES ePortfolio 2013: Deployment of Mandatory Item Checks on Foundation ePortfolio

As part of the ongoing release of outstanding 2013 Foundation Programme ePortfolio updates next week the “mandatory item checks” will be released on the ePortfolio. This update will give some further information about how these checks will work.

This item has two parts:

The first part is that the ePortfolio will automatically check that a trainee has signed their mandatory “education agreement” and “declaration” forms. If the trainee has not yet signed these forms, they will be automatically redirected to the “declarations and agreements” page and will be reminded to sign these forms before continuing to use the ePortfolio.

The second mandatory item check has been developed at the specific request of the Foundation Schools that use the ePortfolio. Upon log in to the ePortfolio there will be a check that a GMC number has been recorded for the account and that any number present matches with the name recorded against that number on the GMC’s List of Registered Medical Practitioners. If there is not a GMC number on the account then the trainee will be asked to update their personal details and record a valid GMC number. If a match cannot be made the trainee will not be able to continue to use the ePortfolio. Please note that as the system is looking for a match by name the trainee Doctors should enter/update their names on the ePortfolio so they match what is recorded on the GMC’s list (i.e. same spelling and name arrangement).

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