UK-wide specialty selection test pilot for ST1/CT1

A Specialty Selection Test is going to be piloted from 13-25 January 2014 for ST1/CT1 applicants, across most specialties. This test will include a Clinical Problem Solving (CPS) test and a Situational Judgement Test (SJT).
Health Education England is working with the devolved nations, Work Psychology group and academics in the University College of London Medical School to pilot the SST. The purpose of this pilot is to evaluate and improve the selection processes currently used. We will also continue to follow applicant progression for a number of years, to ensure a long-term robust evaluation. Ultimately, we want to assess whether these tests are a good predictor of a doctor’s performance throughout their training and to ensure the selection process is reliable, valid, fair and cost-effective.
We are seeking doctors’ help to participate and provide feedback about the pilot test. By participating you will be able to provide your views on this selection method, you will receive a certificate for your portfolio and you will also be eligible to win one of five prizes, which include a 32GB iPad or Kindle Fire HD.
Further information about the SST can be found on the specialty training website ( or you can email us directly at

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