Changes to the timing of the deployment of updates and fixes on ePortfolio

At the present time site updates and deployments are performed at 10pm on Tuesday evenings, commonly the site being offline for between 30 to 60 minutes. However, as of 22nd November 2013 we will be moving to a Saturday morning maintenance window (midnight to 11.59am). A time slot of up to 60mins will be advertised (via the @NESePortfolio twitter feed) at least 24 hours ahead of any scheduled down time and this will occur during this time period. The reason for the variation in deployment times is related to availability of senior technical staff who perform the deployment process.

To summarise:
• Our window for performing scheduled maintenance will be between 00:00 and 11:59 on a Saturday UK Time – the “maintenance window”.
• When the update/deployment is being performed the site will typically be offline for up to one hour (the “maintenance period”)
• We will notify users of the site when the site will be going offline by posting a prominent message at the top of every page for at least 6 hours before the start of the maintenance period.
• At least 24 hours notice will be provided via our Twitter account of when we anticipate the maintenance period to commence.

In a typical scenario, where a deployment was scheduled for 8am on Saturday morning, these guidelines would be followed:
• We have a deployment planning meeting on a Monday where the nature and contents of the deployment are agreed and approved. Customer testing and approvals must be received my 12pm on this day for inclusion into the deploy meeting
• On the Tuesday or Wednesday, we publish a post on the Talkback blog ( with the release contents, indicate that the site will be offline for a specified hour on Saturday, and tweet it. In the unlikely event that this time changes an update would be tweeted more than 24 hours in advance
• From 2am on Saturday morning, a message is posted in the header of all site pages, informing users that the site will go offline at 8am
• At 8am on Saturday morning, the site goes offline for up to an hour whilst the new release is deployed.

Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at