Outcome of the NHS ePortfolio Review by NES

NES ePortfolio : Outcome of 1st Phase : Ownership and Management of NES ePortfolio

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“In June we announced our intention to undertake a review of the ownership and management of the NES
eP1. We decided to undertake this review in recognition of the rapid growth of the eP, and concerns that
opportunities for its further development might be constrained due to the financial and governance
arrangements which apply to NES as a Special Health Board.

“We have completed the first phase of our review and have undertaken an option appraisal based on the
three options we identified in our paper;

  • Option1 – Do Nothing
  • Option 2 – Further development of eP within NES
  • Option 3 – Joint venture between NES and a third party.

“By our deadline for receipt of initial proposals we received 7 submissions from third parties to develop a
joint venture with NES. The submissions received were generally all of a high quality and followed a number
of constructive meetings with nearly all of the third parties who submitted proposals. The review project
team also developed Option 2 to support the further development of eP within NES.

“The outcome of the first phase of the review has been a decision by NES to continue to manage the
development of the eP in-house. In summary, we concluded that meeting the future needs of trainees,
students and other eP stakeholders was best protected by retaining the eP within NES. However, the review
also high-lighted that there were aspects of the future development of the eP which NES was not best
placed to manage and we may consider partnership arrangements in due course to address these issues
more effectively.

“We are very pleased that ePortfolio will remain within NES (Option 2) and a Short life Working Group
consisting of a number of senior managers is being assembled to develop a sustainable plan that will ensure
ePortfolio continues to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of healthcare staff. [Continued..]

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