Tweet Chat about the App – How do you use it?

On Wednesday 7th May at 7pm (BST) we shall be running our second Twitter Chat (#nhsep) about the NHS ePortfolio mobile app. At least two members of the ePortfolio team will be there to help things along, answer questions and provide any inside knowledge.

We’d really like to know how people use the app in a working environment: do you make use of ticketing, or creating logs, or both? And if you don’t use the app is there a reason why not? Are there any must-have features that are missing?

Feel free to join in with your experiences and opinions, or just follow the conversation from the side lines. Just use the hash tag #nhsep to search and in any tweets.

Some useful links:

The app:

How to install the App to iOS devices

Some app specific Talkback articles:

The Tweet chat host:

How to be involved in a Twitter chat? A nice description here:

Some useful sites to help you follow and get involved in a Twitter Chat:

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