About ePortfolio

The Talkback blog is being used as a means to communicate with NHS ePortfolio users, particularly where a tweet doesn’t give enough detail about an update, service downtime, or where we would like to discuss something openly with the user community.

Definitions of some terms you may see in site updates
There are 3 principal roles, Trainee, Supervisor, and Administrator. The supervisor role can have subtypes including Clinical, Educational, Foundation Year Director, and Tutor.

These are the main ePortfolio types, currently, Foundation, Physician, RCEM, Pharmacy, RCOG, FSRH, CSRH, UMeP, and RCPI.

Where “Selected sites” is indicated the change described affects those sites for which the change is relevant, for example a change to curriculum layout will not be relevant to site that do not use curriculum functionality.

These refer to physical (i.e. real) locations, most commonly hospitals, or may also refer to administrative offices or schools, for example, an NHS trust.

Training Programme:
These defines a period of training for a trainee, such as FY1, or ST2, covering the full period of time the trainee is employed at that grade/designation (see below).

A post is associated with a training programme. The post has grade/designation defined, as well a location. In some sites this may be referred to as a “course”.

This refers to a trainee’s stage of training, such as FY1, FY2, ST1, FTSTA1, etc.

Need help?
If you are having a problem with you NHS ePortfolio account please contact the Support team via the Help section of you account, or email us at support@nhseportfolios.org